A land of vast opportunites

Ethiopia is a land of vast opportunities:

  • Stable political climate;
  • Liberalized free market economy;
  • Conducive macro economic policies and stable foreign exchange regime;
  • Huge home market of more than 77 million people;
  • Access to 23 African countries through the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA);
  • Preferential treatment to the European market under the ACP-EU Lome Convention;
  • Favorable export market status under the US Generalized System of Preference (GSP) and export of Everything but Arms (EBA) to European Union;
  • Wide variety of  domestic raw material base;
  • Abundant, trainalbe and inexpensive labor force;
  • Strategic location with proximity to the lucrative markets of the Middle East, Europe and Asia;
  • Attractive incentive packages;
  • Participation in the privatization opportunities;
  • One-stop-shop service by the Ethiopian Investment Authority to facilitate all pre and post investment requirements.
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