Public Diplomacy and Communication Affairs Section

The objective of this section is building a positive image of Ethiopia in Germany and other countries of the embassy’s representation and functioning as a bridge between these bodies and the Embassy. The Public Diplomacy and Communication Affairs Section thus:

  • Identifies, gathers and organizes information on prominent media outlets, think tanks, lobby groups, influential institutions and peoples from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Slovakia; provides them with information about Ethiopia; works cooperatively with these to enable the general public in these countries get information about political and socio-economic as well as historical and  cultural situations of Ethiopia.
  • Organizes events which promote Ethiopia’s image in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Slovak, and actively participates in events like cultural exchanges, forums, exhibitions and different conferences organized by others that serve as a platform to advance the positive image of Ethiopia.
  • Follows up the existing twinning and cooperation arrangements between Ethiopian academic institutions, cities, parliamentary friendship and other associations with their counterparts in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic Ukraine, and Slovakia and also works towards the formation of new twinning.
  • Collects, organizes and disseminates up-to-date information through social media, mainly on Facebook and twitter.
  • Facilitates issuance of Journalist visas to members of the media who travel to Ethiopia.
  • Serves as public relations center within the Embassy and between the public and the mission as well.
  1. Diaspora and Consular Affairs Section

The Diaspora and Consular Affairs Section is engaged in promoting the Diaspora engagement in Ethiopia’s economic, social and political developments as well as in providing various services which are related to Diaspora and consular affairs.

In this regard, the Diaspora and Consular Affairs Section: –

  • Provides up-to-date information to the Diaspora of its areas of coverage on current political, social and development policy issues, strategies and laws of Ethiopia.
  • Encourages and facilitates the participation of the Diaspora in foreign direct investment, trade, tourism, knowledge and skills transfer, image building, advocacy activities in protecting and promoting Ethiopia’s national interests, and protecting the rights and dignity of Ethiopians in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, and Slovak.
  • Facilitates the provision of the Ethiopian Origin Identification Card, arrangement of mortgage loans for purchasing and building houses, opening of foreign currency account at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, duty free privileges to the Diaspora members who have decided to return and live in Ethiopia.
  • Provides major services such as authentication of various types of documents originating from the countries which are covered by the Embassy and re-authentication of documents verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, registration services (issuing birth, marriage, death, authority delegation certificates), and facilitates renewal of passports and Ethiopian Origin Identification Card, and provision of Laisse passé services.
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